Rasgulla – Diwali Special!

Rasgullas – mouth watering sweet from the land of Bengal! The round spongy sweet that just melts in the mouth made with Indian cottage Cheese/ Paneer๐Ÿ˜Ž

Cooking Time โ€“ 25 minutes | Preparation Time โ€“ 20 minutes | Serves โ€“ 6-7
Things Required

Milk – 2 litres (full-cream milk preferred)

Sugar – 350 gm

Water – equal as sugar quantity (measure in the same cup for sugar)

Lemon Juice – 4-5 tablespoons

Saffron – 2 strands

This involves a simple 3 step process: Preparation of Paneer, Making of Rasgullas, Sugar Syrup preparation
Making of Paneer

1. Heat milk in a heavy bottomed vessel until it boils and add lemon juice & keep it aside to curdle. Stir occasionally until the whey & paneer gets separated.


2. Filter the paneer using a muslin cloth and remove ‘Whey’ completely. Wash it with cold water for 2-3 mins to remove the sourness of lemon & squeeze out excess water thoroughly. Hang the cloth for 30 minutes until water completely drains or can place a heavy object over the muslin cloth.

3. Now home made Paneer is ready! This can be used in making various other sweets/ gravies as well.

For more detailed version of making paneer, here’s my friends blog –https://doing-it-myself.com/2017/04/01/how-to-make-paneer-at-home/

Preparing Rasgulla Balls

4. Remove the panner from muslin cloth, knead well for around 5-10 minutes with your hands and make a dough. The warmth in the hands helps to make a soft dough.

5. Make small balls (approximately of the same size) . Donot press too hard while making rasgullas as it might not cook well inside.


6. Boil water in a pan & add sugar.

7. Once sugar melts & water starts boiling, add the prepared rasgulla balls & saffron; cover it for 10 minutes until cooked.


‘Hot rasgullas’ are ready to be gulped one by one!!


Note: Use a tall/ wider vessel having enough space for the rasgullas to cook since they double their size once immersed into sugar syurp and starts cooking.

There are many other variations of preparing this but this is one of the simplest method we used to prepare @ home. You can also keep ‘Rock candy’ inbetween the rasagulla balls while rolling for extra sweetness. Curd/ yogurt also can be used to curdle milk. Vinegar can also be used (but the acidic taste might be quite strong. Hence better to avoid). Raspberry-rasgulla (small ones usually with yellow or pink colors) can also be prepared in the same manner.
Uses of Whey Water: It can be directly consumed since it consists lot of proteins, vitamins & minerals. Can be used as a substitute for water while preparing gravies/ kneading dough for rotis/ preparing juices/ shakes, etc.